Differential Preamplifier 8×2. Project Balanced Pre-Amplifier

Another **UPDATE** July 28th

Boards are all populated, not tested yet just waiting for a ribbon cable to show up that connects the selector board to the main board.


Bench all setup to start SMD soldering.

Some parts soldered on the first day, then I took a break.

Input selector board.

All done !

**UPDATE** July 25th

Parts are here !! WOOT !!

I stumbled app-on a really nice & simple pre-amlifier. Contacted the maker ( In Canada ) and did some chatting and research, came to the conclusion and ordered the boards. It’s a fully SMD Balanced Pre-amp, so i get to spend a few hours placing one part at a time soldering one part at a time on the boards.

So far I just have the new shiny boards, parts are on their way. Reading over the very well laid out manual, is going to make this build fun and enjoyable. After I have it all built & tested, I’ll be researching around for a custom chassis or draw up and get my own made.

I have also choose not to use the PCB mounted XLR in & out connectors. Instead I’m going to be buying chassis mountable Neutrik ones..

Few pictures ( from their site ) and a direct link to the product.

Raw PCB & selector PCB

Fully assembled kit, from the company, they sell it two versions. BUILT & Un-built.

Product link.

Differential Preamp 8×2

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