My Dayton 6′ Rs towers….

I’ve been building lots of speakers these last few years, never really tried any of the dayton audio drivers. Did tons of reading and research “even” listened to a friends pair of speakers using a 8″ dayton. Then wham I was addicted.

So I did a big order.

8 x RS180-8 7″ Woofer’s
4 x RS100-8 4″ Mid-Woofers
2 x RS28A-4 1″ Dome tweeter.

To be safe, I also ordered 2 x RS125-8 5″ mid woofers, just in case the 4″ can’t keep up or go along with the rest of the design.

I started off with some google late night sketchup work, and created this.

I can’t lie though, this photo did help me want to build something like it.

Then it was off to the cabinet shop to buy some 3/4″ MDF, they even cut it for me, into manageable pices, so i can build this test box at home.

Next day i attacked the garage and started cutting.

Drivers arrived a few weeks later.

All the drivers lined up, not sure if i’m going with 5″ mid bass drivers OR 4″ i have the 4″ ones mounted for now, but can swap them out for the 5″.

More late night building,

Mounted all the drivers,

Then carried this big heavy 6′ tall beast to my room. Not sure why, I have to drag it back down stairs this week to go measure and get driver data..

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