Aleph 2’s Powered Up & Running !

After a few head scratchings I figured out the issue with the amplifier. It was powering up and had full bias and all the voltages were checking properly, but there was no output. 4v in and 1.1v out SCRATCHING head for a bit I started measuring parts.  I put a 1uf cap into a spot where a 1NF cap was supposed to go. “someone” miss read the cap. 

After changing the 2 cap’s the amplifier is working 100% 


Aleph 2 time :)

So it’s been about 8 months ? Or more since I have started with this test project.  Well the last few weeks I have gathered the parts to fire these monsters up. 

The reason for buying the parts and doing a test, is because I’m building the same amplifier “BUT” using SMD parts instead.


Tonight, I got a few hours to mount all the devices and then power it up. I did run into one problem tonight. I’m only using a single bridge rectifier and the amplifier requires 2 because of the constant high current from a Class A amplifier.


More Aleph 2 Project Updates “BIG-HEATSINK”

Went over to Dad’s shop and did some begging and pleading to borrow one of his monster heatsinks 🙂  This thing is “HUGE”  16″x9″ x 4″ fins 🙂 Going to use it to test my Aleph 2 PCB’s that I bought & test my SMD Aleph 2 project I’m working on.

The Aleph 2 produces a lage amount of heat with 12 x IRFp240 devices and 100watts of Class A Audio Amplification.  More pictures to come !