Monitoring Setup for the USG Pro-4

I’ve been working on a little side project for my self. With all my firewalls i have played with and used I’ve always found my self watching what is going in and out & what is going on with them when im at home or out and about. 

So i decided to use my spare Raspberry Pi and use it for a web browser monitoring tool. Most Firewalls these days use a Web-Browser GUI you can watch, just like the USG with all that information. 

Quick little video below & photo..

MORE Ubiquity stuff!

Since I was so happy with the last device that i picked up for cheap to play with it and test it. I decided to just jump on in and buy some more goodies !!


A Nice AC-Pro & USG pro 4 

After a hour of research and tinkering I got the new USG Pro 4 on line & adopted to my network, It wasn’t easy as plug it in but I got it! Starting from scratch its very easy,  adding to existing network is a little harder. 

Installing & adapting the Ap was very easy though! 


I just replaced the AP with my old one screwed the base to the ceiling plugged it in and adopted & configured WOLA !



Little bit of NEW !!

Well, I finally did it! Never thought I would be using the USG stuff and “not” get hooked!  My very first USG was the little 6×6″ guy ! 


After playing with this thing and seeing what it can do WELL I was hooked.


I did open it up (duh) I always open things up ! Have a look inside, see what is there!  IMO not much actually !  I did like the fact there was a CPU heatsink on the CPU.  Would like to see better thermal design as this thing did reach 60C.. 


After a week of running this guy, i started searching for more Ubiquity stuff to buy!!