Speaker Project coming along

I thought i would post some progress pics of my speakers. I’m building a new 2 way using the Iwatta Horn with a 1″ Faital Pro HFAK10 1″ Compression Driver & A 12″ Beyma 12BR70 woofer.

I have spent HOURS and hours modeling hand full’s of 12″ pro woofers and have found non that have a good FS & usable range to 30-1500+ hz. My plan is to crossover around 1050. I will be using a 4.5c’f ported curved enclosure.

Not sure if many of you have heard or seen the Blumenhofer Genuin FS 2 but this project of mine is kinda like this one. BUT MINE are Diy 🙂

New Horn Project..

Thought I would share my New Horn project. These are called Iwattas, they use a 1″ Compression Driver. I’m going to be using a 12″ woofer in a ported cabinet. the goal is designing a 2 way efficient speaker..I used to own these but sold them to a friend. I missed them so much I had to beg for them back. Now that I have them back I’m going to be building the speaker I wanted to build when I first bought these Iwattas. The woofer is going to be the Beyma – 12BR70 with a tuning of 28hz. Crossover around 1000-1300.


This first pic is what caught my attention for this build. Mine will be a little different.