New Hyper-V Server

Yes, another server. 🙂 However this one is going to be the new home of my current Hyper-V server. It won’t have many drives in it, but it will have 2 raid’d 1tb drives for the os and some files & ISO’s. The virtual servers will be stored on a new 2008r2- Storage server with 8 2tb drives in a Raid 5 config, using ISCSI.

Spec’s of the new server :

Intel Quad Core Xeon 2.4 with Hyper threading.
32 gigs of DDR3 ECC memory
2 x 1tb drives In Raid config.
Windows 2008R2 With Hyper-V Enabled.

Training In Victoria For Lexmark

Lexmark training was a blast, the teacher was awesome, great guy and very helpful.


One of the beasts i worked on, stripped down to chassis and re-assembled..

What they arrived in, so they survive.

Another Beast.

One beast apart.

Powered back on, did some tests, calibrations.

Back cover.

I think I was suppose to be shipped back to Lexmark ?


Rack Mounted APC 1500

Got me a new APC UPS, rack mounted of course, “AND” a 1500. Last week my 10 port basic PDU arrived, soon I’ll purchase a network controllable PDU, but for now ill use the one I have.

Untangle @ Home Setup

How to setup untangle a few different ways at home. Personally, im a fan of multiple subnets to “separate” interfaces.

As you will see a perfect example of Untangle running 5 interfaces 1 in ( from isp ) and 4 out.

Looking at this we have : 4 internal interfaces. Typical setups at home that people have used is just 2 interfaces one ( isp ) and one to internetwork then into a multi port switch.

“mine” is not setup like that, i have 4 internal interfaces, each has it’s own ip address into each own subnet.

I have : ( DMZ )

The reason for this is so i can block and stop traffic on each subnet to each other or allow it. As it stands all i have a WAP ( wireless access point ) connected to interface 3.1, anything that is wireless in my house ie laptops cell phones etc etc gets a 3.x address.

Interface is connected to a gigabit switch 24 port to be exact, this has my servers nas drives and other units connected to it.

Interface is connected to a 24 port 10/100 switch, the reason for this is so when i work on computers they get connected to this switch OR my wireless, reason for this ? If i have a windows machine that is heavily infected and it gets connected to the network, it won’t infect any machine on my network ie my servers etc etc. Perfect way to sto malware viruses from attacking / infecting my personal home computers & network.

Another reason why i have the wireless on another subnet, ever have friends or guests over that want to use your wireless, but you just never know if they have a virus or malware. Well, i never have to worry because they can’t see or get to my other network’s. I have created access rules to block all traffic from other subnets. I do have a ALLOW rules for my laptop to gain access to my NAS drives & one server for monitoring and working on.

Home Rack…

Well, i finally bought my self a 4post rack, whats going to go into this beast ? All kind’s of goodies.

Top to bottom :

Untangle Firewall Core 2 duo 2.2 4 gigs ram 4 intel low profile gigabit NIC’s
Supermicro 1u P4 Box 4 gigs ram virtual toy, for installing os’s firewalls and toying, ( currently running PfSense 2.0 )

Dlink 16 port 10/100 switch to separate 2 external ip’s One for Untangle one for Pfsense
Dell 24 port Gigabit switch ( internal network servers & other goodies )
Linksys 24 port 10/100 home switch run’s tv Wii Wireless printer nas unit’s.

Bottom ( kinda hidden ) 4 u server 16 gigs ram i3 processor 6 x 500 gig raid 10 drives.
Windows 2008R2 running HyperV with 6 vm’s running.

Untangle Firewall….


Untangle is a free UTM firewall. What does it do ? Its a linux based firewall that has several packages / features. One feature that i use every day is it’s VPN package. This package contains the software for a vpn connection from any os.

The vpn module that comes with it is called openvpn, free and open sourced. I use this 24/7 when im out on the road to gain access to my network at home and other things ( nas storage boxes ).


Another feature that’s installed and running is all it’s Antivirus features & spyware features, this monitors traffice entering my home network. Untangle will stop / block all unwanted traffic and malware that is not suppose to be entering the network.


My unit is setup in “Router-Mode” with 4 subnets at home, along with rules for certain subnets not talking to other subnets.

When you log into the “untangle” interface via a web-browser you see :




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