Monitoring Setup for the USG Pro-4

I’ve been working on a little side project for my self. With all my firewalls i have played with and used I’ve always found my self watching what is going in and out & what is going on with them when im at home or out and about. 

So i decided to use my spare Raspberry Pi and use it for a web browser monitoring tool. Most Firewalls these days use a Web-Browser GUI you can watch, just like the USG with all that information. 

Quick little video below & photo..

MORE Ubiquity stuff!

Since I was so happy with the last device that i picked up for cheap to play with it and test it. I decided to just jump on in and buy some more goodies !!


A Nice AC-Pro & USG pro 4 

After a hour of research and tinkering I got the new USG Pro 4 on line & adopted to my network, It wasn’t easy as plug it in but I got it! Starting from scratch its very easy,  adding to existing network is a little harder. 

Installing & adapting the Ap was very easy though! 


I just replaced the AP with my old one screwed the base to the ceiling plugged it in and adopted & configured WOLA !



Little bit of NEW !!

Well, I finally did it! Never thought I would be using the USG stuff and “not” get hooked!  My very first USG was the little 6×6″ guy ! 


After playing with this thing and seeing what it can do WELL I was hooked.


I did open it up (duh) I always open things up ! Have a look inside, see what is there!  IMO not much actually !  I did like the fact there was a CPU heatsink on the CPU.  Would like to see better thermal design as this thing did reach 60C.. 


After a week of running this guy, i started searching for more Ubiquity stuff to buy!! 


Going Cluster’s

So my new goal for my  setup will be a Hyper-V  2016 cluster. Allowing me to use 2 servers & a ISCSI 10 gig attached storage server.  

Untangle Home Pro on a Dell R210 handles the vlans & firewall.

The R510 with 2012 storage server for Iscsi path’s for Hyper-v Vm storage.

Each R610 with dual cpu’s & 128gigs ram each host to handle the vm processing. 

Aleph 2’s Powered Up & Running !

After a few head scratchings I figured out the issue with the amplifier. It was powering up and had full bias and all the voltages were checking properly, but there was no output. 4v in and 1.1v out SCRATCHING head for a bit I started measuring parts.  I put a 1uf cap into a spot where a 1NF cap was supposed to go. “someone” miss read the cap. 

After changing the 2 cap’s the amplifier is working 100% 


Aleph 2 time :)

So it’s been about 8 months ? Or more since I have started with this test project.  Well the last few weeks I have gathered the parts to fire these monsters up. 

The reason for buying the parts and doing a test, is because I’m building the same amplifier “BUT” using SMD parts instead.


Tonight, I got a few hours to mount all the devices and then power it up. I did run into one problem tonight. I’m only using a single bridge rectifier and the amplifier requires 2 because of the constant high current from a Class A amplifier.