So close with Youtube :P

As we all know i have been doing videos one every week, possibly going to start doing more. Only reason I am doing this,, BECAUSE i love it ๐Ÿ˜›ย  I actually love video editing and have been told that the videos are getting better and better ๐Ÿ˜› so im continuing. Will i make money ? who knows, if i do then it will go into projects and products to review on my channel.ย  ย My ultimate goal would be to buy a few new tools for my work bench and buy some audio kits off ebay / amazon and review and build them and video the process for my subscribers.




New Amplifiers “Aleph 2’s “

In the works, new amplifiers are going to be built. I am still running my aleph mini’s that put out 30 watts rms.


My new tower speakers are going to be a little but more power hungry, 30watts isn’t going to be enough. So I ordered a new set of PCB’s for the Aleph 2’s designed by Nelson Pass.. They are a older design but I really love my aleph amplifiers.

I already have the transformers Plitron 30-0-30 @ 650va Toroidial’s & the heatsinks ๐Ÿ™‚


Picture of the PCB.


UPS time !

Finally got my new “FREE” UPS.. Friend of mine donated a lightly used PERFECT condition HP 3000KV ups. Batteries are in perfect health and unit is perfect. I lopped off the 110V 30A twist lock plug and intalled a 110V 15amp plug and its all working perfectly.

YES you can change plugs, i’m only puling 505watts from this setup, not even close to what the ups can pull, if you arn’t pulling alot of current the you don’t need to worry about the 30amp plug, if you were pulling alot of power then you would need the 30amp twist lock and dedicated power run for the UPS.