My setup, for now..

Little video of my setup. It’s simple.

Class A 20 watt amplifier
Hafler Pre-amp Borrowed from dad.
My speakers & my Design.

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Wave Guide Dampening.

The Wave Guide is a Eminence H290 You can get them from 32$ each.

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New Site & Topics

Well, it’s been a long time since I have posted on here. So i’m doing some updating and posting. First, you should have already seen that I changed the name 🙂 Second, I am no longer flying R/C Heli’s Jet’s & Planes. I sold it all and go out of the hobby, so many reasons but no need to go into them.

So I’m back into electronics & audio.

I’t been a long time goal to finally build some very nice speakers from scratch again to finish. Although i won’t be building the cabinets, instead i’m going to have a VERY good wood working friend build them for me, just so they are perfect and exactly what i want…. I’ll create a post soon and keep it updated.

Next goal was to finish my 2 channel pair of Aleph Mini’s. So far im 90% done, just have to do a bit of chassis wiring, then i’m done. They have been running for over 10 years and work perfectly just needed chassis.

Another goal, was to actually buy a good Oscilloscope & learn to use and understand it properly.. So i ordered one 🙂 will post info about that here & my youtube blog too..

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New Speaker Build.

Well, adventuring off of kits and building my self a pair of 2 way speakers with my own choice of drivers ( with in my specs ).

I went with a PP103 10″ Efficient driver & Fountek NeoCD3.5 Ribbon Tweeter. Both drivers are 95.6DB efficient.

Drivers, 10″


WinISD box,

The goal is to build a pair of speakers that are efficient, and clean sound with 4 class a amps.

I will be using a MiniDSP 2×4 for the crossover.

I don’t have the wood working tool’s, so im leaving the box building to a cabinet making friend of mine 🙂

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Slide Strap by Peak Design.

After using this strap for almost a month on my Nikon D610, I LOVE IT !!

I love how easy it goes on and off, and how easy it is to adjust, who ever designed this did an awesome job! Would defiantly buy their products.

Link to their website.

Me with it on! Nikon D610 & 1.8 Nikkor 85mm

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Over the winter I took up photography & doing more video’s & editing. This is a really fun hobby & relaxing too!!

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Flying season is almost here !

Can’t wait to get out and fly my Habu32 & other jets!! Going to be such fun this year !

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Rack Installed !!

I’m lazy let’s face it !! LOL Took me for ever to get my but in gear and get all my network stuff over into the new rack..

Here it is,

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Back to a Rack.

This weekend I did a HUGE Home automation cleanup for a friends Mother & Father in-law. This consisted of running a 100′ HDMI cable, mounting a 55″ lcd & starting a audio / video rack cleanup.

One of the projects was to install all the equipment “PROPERLY” into a new taller rack so the amplifiers could breath & function properly, along with cleaning up the wiring.

As I was finishing up, they asked if I wanted the old rack 🙂 hells YEAH I DO !!

So in a few weeks when I have some time, I will be installing my networking gear into a small 4 post open rack & moving the equipment to the other side of my room. This will also allow me to free up some space under my large desk & keep it more organized again.. I used to have this in a 4 post enclosed rack with a locking door but I sold all my servers and storage servers..

Pictures of the rack 🙂

AND!! all my stuff sitting on the floor 🙁 so messy. !

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Earthquake 4.8 magnitude, 24 km depth Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada

Another earthquake, except everyone is talking about this one like its going to be the end.. 4.8 magnitude, 24 km depth
@ Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada.

Link :

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